INSCOPER has developed a full-featured control and image acquisition software solution for fluorescence microscopy. Its main benefits are:

  • Universal device integration:  the solution can control and synchronize any third-party device or add-on with advanced video microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss. Even older devices whose software is no longer supported can be used.
  • Capability for complex manipulations:  the user can easily combine multiple microscopy techniques (multi-D, TIRF, FRAP, high-content screening, tiling, etc.).
    ● Faster image acquisition:  all things being equal, a microscope controlled by Inscoper provides 3 times more images in the same time period than Metamorph/Zen/NIS/LasX and about 5 times more than Micromanager.
    ● Consistent acquisition protocols:  all command signals are triggered and synchronized, ensuring stability and repeatability of the acquisition sequence.
    ● Ease-of-use: the software has a modern and simple user interface without complex menus.

The INSCOPER solution is compatible with new, old and home-made systems. Their support team works with users to guarantee a fully operational microscope system.


Find more about specifications, references and case studies on the website: 

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